Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Republican Stance Against More Unemployment Compensation is Unworkable

Many Republicans say that they are against additional unemployment compensation payments because they do not want future generations to have to pay for it. An analyst appearing on Fox news believes that providing these benefits to people gives them the incentive to delay seeking employment. They also argued that the money was not being saved in anyway but spent immediately.

The unspoken belief is that the unemployed are really lazy, prefer not to work, and want to delay returning to work for as long as possible thus we do not want to give them any money.

The reality is that all of those receiving benefits were terminated from their job. They did not quit. Also, the $250 a week that is provided barely covers apartment rent or mortgage let alone other living expenses like food, insurance, and utilities. Furthermore, these people could not save this money even if they wanted to because it already does not cover most of their living expenses. They need the money for current monthly expenses. Finally, the argument that future generations will have to pay for these benefits ignores the fact that people are suffering today, not in the future, and need this money to help provide for their children who will make the future generation.

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