Friday, July 2, 2010

Money, Lobbyists, and Legislators

This probably won't happen but the government needs to create a law that prevents special interests from contributing to campaign funds. In fact, the need to have money just to run for office should be eliminated. In this day and age of the internet, candidates can be podcasts concerning there issues and stance on issues. With the current way things are you practically have to be rich to run for an important important.

Legislators should first look to the sciences to help them make decisions on the issues and then have the lobbyists comment on the outcomes of those discussions. We already know that drug companies want don't want the importation of drugs but is this best for the citizens of our country? With the rising costs of medicines today and the inability of many to afford them, preventing prescription drug importation to provide affordable drugs and more choice is the ideal solution for the citizenry. Some legislators claim this needs to be prevented for safety reasons. Take Canada for example, our government could choose to only import drugs from highly reputable and regulated drug companies there. Further, the Canadian drugmakers would be aware that the US market would be eliminated if poor quality drugs were manufactured for American citizenry. Basically, there are solutions to the perceived downfalls.

Government needs to make decisions that are in the best interests of John Doe instead of corporations and those in power whose interests may not be best for the citizenry. I believe legislators are being held more accountable today but the lobbyists and campaign donations need to be curtailed to avoid influencing legislative voting.

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