Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking Through the Eyes of A Palestinian

You feel homeless and want to find a place to live.  You decide to live on the land that your people wrote about in a book and claim still belongs to them.   You get support from some powerful groups, who do not themselves live on the land, to help you take the land.  There is only one problem.  There are people already living on the land and you are going to take some of their land from them instead of asking them for it.  With the backing of powerful groups, you will fight them for it because you have decided you will take it.  Hmmm, are we talking about the native Americans?  No, not this time. We are talking about the Israelis.  

If you come into my backyard intending to build a house which will require me to move, then we have a problem!  Not only have you trespassed by coming uninvited onto my property but you also intend to squat their and claim it is your property.  I will not stand by and let you treat me this way or do this to me.  I will fight for what is mine and not allow you to intimidate me or make claims that the land was always yours.  No, I will not.  I may even go to my grave fighting for what is mine.  Even those powerful groups that enabled you to move in on my property are at fault as well.  I understand why the Palestinians feel the way they do and why they are fighting for what is theirs.  Put yourself in their shoes as if the same thing was happening in your backyard.  The Israelis want peace, true, but at the expense of the Palestinians.  There can be no peace where one side has been forced into a position that they did not agree with in the first place.  There can only be forced submission.  The Palestinians are proud people just as the Israelis.  I disagree with the killing from both sides; but, I understand why the Palestinians have a problem with the Israelis.  The Palestinians did not create this problem.  It was forced upon them.

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