Friday, July 9, 2010

I Saw Black Men and Felt Alarmed

I saw a group of Black teenage boys with their pants hanging off their behinds standing around talking to each other on a corner where my apartment complex was up the street.  The neighborhood itself was a mix of homeowners and well maintained apartment complexes.  Upon seeing these boys, I immediately started to worry.  I wondered what they were doing here.  Do I need to be alarmed?  Why do they have to wear their pants below their butts?  White people already fear seeing a group of Black men together anywhere let alone with pants hanging past their behinds.  Then I wondered if I would feel the same way on seeing a group of white teenagers standing around talking to each other on a corner with pants below their butts.  I have to admit that I would feel less alarmed and I wondered why. I figured that it may be because of the negative rap songs I have heard, memories of seeing boys standing on corners selling drugs, or an inundation of negative portrayals of black men in general.  How do you feel?

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