Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lawyer Code of Ethics- The Ideal Way

1. Ask client if he committed what he is being accused of.
2. Ask why he did it.
3. Determine any mitigating circumstance - psychological, survival, etc.
4. Tell court if client committed what is alleged.
5. Explain why he did it.
6. Explain mitigating circumstances.
7. Seek to obtain a just sentence - the punishment fits the crime.
8. Seek to have the sentence modified in light of mitigating circumstances.
9. Tell the truth and do not seek to hide any important facts.
10. Operate above board with others.
11. Represent client to best of ability with honesty, intergrity, justice, and compassion as your guides.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Health Care Reform Double Cross

Obama should not have allowed a requirement for everyone to purchase health insurance or face a penalty. It is wrong to do this since no controls were put into place to make sure that everyone could easily afford the cost of health insurance. Actually, wasn't this the point of the healthcare reform in the first place. A major complaint was the skyrocketing costs; however, no controls were put into place to rein costs in and insure Americans will get coverage comparable to what congress members receive but at a low cost.

The health insurance companies are the true winners in the healthcare reform. Now all Americans are required to by health insurance at prevailing costs. Many changes are needed changes but this primary requirement forces us to purchase health care when all we wanted was affordable health care.