Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Role of Voting Polls

The role of voting polls is to gauge the predominant thinking about certain issues and politicians. Some times they are accurate. Other times they are wrong.

Do not permit any published poll to cause you to decide who or what you will support. Keep your reasons for your choices always at the forefront. If your facts or beliefs should change regarding that issue or person, then you will adjust accordingly. However, do not get trapped by the "mob mentality" or "group think". Do not allow your mind to be changed on the basis of how many support an issue. In times of change, many times the ones who are leading the change are in the minority simply because it is human nature to resist change. Always look past the numbers to the facts of the issue or the values and stance of the politician and let those be your guide.

Alabama Democratic Conference and Backwards Thinking

When Joe Reed, a leader in the Alabama Democratic Conference said America was more ready to vote for a white woman than a black man he was wrong! Obama won and Hilary supported him. His position demonstrated that he was out of touch with the wants of the people. If others had thought the same way he did - race based instead of issues based, then America would have taken a great step backwards. We need a leadership that is willing to set the example and lead the charge by making political decisions that are no longer race or sex based. Unfortunately, the Alabama Democratic Conference with the direction of it leadership, Joe Reed, could not rise above that challenge. Alabama needs a new breed of representation that is proactive and progressive when it comes to political decision making. One must practice what one preaches and not judge by skin color.