Monday, August 9, 2010

Black Man and White Woman

It was around 1990 when I first noticed it.  It was like a wind chill blowing through the summer air.  It was then that I noticed black boys turning to white girls for mates.  They actively sought out the company of a white girl to the exclusion of a black girls.  In my growing up, we did not seek out a certain color and reject our own color.  This was not even thought of.  We liked people because we liked them; we tended to like people who looked like us too.  At the time, I had no interest in a boyfriend - black, white, or any other color.  Also the age group that was seeking out white women tended to be 10 years younger than myself.  Up until this time, I had never paid any attention to the availability of black men for black women.

Part of me thinks that the mid 70's through 80s young generation experienced a great disappointment with their black mothers and/or were surrounded by black girls who did not know how to be ladies.  The image these black boys had of black girls was tarnished.  Also, the portrayal of light to white skin as the preferred skin color- even in the black community- helped to lay a foundation for the coming preference change by black men.  The greater the African features in a black girl, the less likely she was to be approached by a black boy.  However, the same girl would be very attractive to an African who came from Africa to live in the USA.  His basis was the African standard of beauty not the European.  To him, black is beautiful.  Another major factor in the preference for white women has to do with sex.  Black men see white women as more adventurous sexually and perhaps more skilled at certain sexual activities.

Unfortunately, it is a necessity for black women to date outside of their race today or else they just may be left without a partner or end up with one they would rather not have.  A white man may not be as visually appealing but the most important thing is that he will most likely treat you like a queen.  Also, be open to any color, not just white or black.  I know we want to stay with the black man but face it ladies (those of you in your teens through 30s), they do not want you.  If you find yourself not able to date your preference, step outside of your comfort zone.  You just may be surprised.

I want to give a shout out to the black men who still see the beauty and value in black women and who are proud to have one as a partner.  I also want to say that I have dated a white man before but I did not seek him out nor did he seek me out to the exclusion of our own races.  He happened to make me laugh and I saw past his skin color.  His color did not determine whether or not I would have interest in him as a partner.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking Through the Eyes of A Palestinian

You feel homeless and want to find a place to live.  You decide to live on the land that your people wrote about in a book and claim still belongs to them.   You get support from some powerful groups, who do not themselves live on the land, to help you take the land.  There is only one problem.  There are people already living on the land and you are going to take some of their land from them instead of asking them for it.  With the backing of powerful groups, you will fight them for it because you have decided you will take it.  Hmmm, are we talking about the native Americans?  No, not this time. We are talking about the Israelis.  

If you come into my backyard intending to build a house which will require me to move, then we have a problem!  Not only have you trespassed by coming uninvited onto my property but you also intend to squat their and claim it is your property.  I will not stand by and let you treat me this way or do this to me.  I will fight for what is mine and not allow you to intimidate me or make claims that the land was always yours.  No, I will not.  I may even go to my grave fighting for what is mine.  Even those powerful groups that enabled you to move in on my property are at fault as well.  I understand why the Palestinians feel the way they do and why they are fighting for what is theirs.  Put yourself in their shoes as if the same thing was happening in your backyard.  The Israelis want peace, true, but at the expense of the Palestinians.  There can be no peace where one side has been forced into a position that they did not agree with in the first place.  There can only be forced submission.  The Palestinians are proud people just as the Israelis.  I disagree with the killing from both sides; but, I understand why the Palestinians have a problem with the Israelis.  The Palestinians did not create this problem.  It was forced upon them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Saw Black Men and Felt Alarmed

I saw a group of Black teenage boys with their pants hanging off their behinds standing around talking to each other on a corner where my apartment complex was up the street.  The neighborhood itself was a mix of homeowners and well maintained apartment complexes.  Upon seeing these boys, I immediately started to worry.  I wondered what they were doing here.  Do I need to be alarmed?  Why do they have to wear their pants below their butts?  White people already fear seeing a group of Black men together anywhere let alone with pants hanging past their behinds.  Then I wondered if I would feel the same way on seeing a group of white teenagers standing around talking to each other on a corner with pants below their butts.  I have to admit that I would feel less alarmed and I wondered why. I figured that it may be because of the negative rap songs I have heard, memories of seeing boys standing on corners selling drugs, or an inundation of negative portrayals of black men in general.  How do you feel?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Percentage of Gay Men...

I happened upon a park and decided to have a closer look.  There was a long winding walkway in order to get to the main part of the park - the baseball field and restrooms.

As I strolled along the walkway a man who was leaving the park passed by me.  He did not look at me and I felt a little discomfort.  You see the walkway was very small- allowing for two people.  I continued on and another man passed by.  He looked at me briefly but did not smile.  I continued on and another man passed by me.  Now I was wondering why I was only seeing men and no women and children.  I felt something was very wrong and was reluctant to go further along the walk way.  Then it came to me that men were having sex in that park.  It was a place where they met for encounters.

I did not want to take another step further.  The thought of what they were doing repulsed me and the fact that they were doing this in a public park was appalling.

I wonder what percentage of the male gay population participates in such vile behavior.  Are they the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 percent or more of gaydom?  It is behavior like this that puts a dark light on homosexuality.  This colors homosexuality as deviant and aberrant behavior.

The Republican Stance Against More Unemployment Compensation is Unworkable

Many Republicans say that they are against additional unemployment compensation payments because they do not want future generations to have to pay for it. An analyst appearing on Fox news believes that providing these benefits to people gives them the incentive to delay seeking employment. They also argued that the money was not being saved in anyway but spent immediately.

The unspoken belief is that the unemployed are really lazy, prefer not to work, and want to delay returning to work for as long as possible thus we do not want to give them any money.

The reality is that all of those receiving benefits were terminated from their job. They did not quit. Also, the $250 a week that is provided barely covers apartment rent or mortgage let alone other living expenses like food, insurance, and utilities. Furthermore, these people could not save this money even if they wanted to because it already does not cover most of their living expenses. They need the money for current monthly expenses. Finally, the argument that future generations will have to pay for these benefits ignores the fact that people are suffering today, not in the future, and need this money to help provide for their children who will make the future generation.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Money, Lobbyists, and Legislators

This probably won't happen but the government needs to create a law that prevents special interests from contributing to campaign funds. In fact, the need to have money just to run for office should be eliminated. In this day and age of the internet, candidates can be podcasts concerning there issues and stance on issues. With the current way things are you practically have to be rich to run for an important important.

Legislators should first look to the sciences to help them make decisions on the issues and then have the lobbyists comment on the outcomes of those discussions. We already know that drug companies want don't want the importation of drugs but is this best for the citizens of our country? With the rising costs of medicines today and the inability of many to afford them, preventing prescription drug importation to provide affordable drugs and more choice is the ideal solution for the citizenry. Some legislators claim this needs to be prevented for safety reasons. Take Canada for example, our government could choose to only import drugs from highly reputable and regulated drug companies there. Further, the Canadian drugmakers would be aware that the US market would be eliminated if poor quality drugs were manufactured for American citizenry. Basically, there are solutions to the perceived downfalls.

Government needs to make decisions that are in the best interests of John Doe instead of corporations and those in power whose interests may not be best for the citizenry. I believe legislators are being held more accountable today but the lobbyists and campaign donations need to be curtailed to avoid influencing legislative voting.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lawyer Code of Ethics- The Ideal Way

1. Ask client if he committed what he is being accused of.
2. Ask why he did it.
3. Determine any mitigating circumstance - psychological, survival, etc.
4. Tell court if client committed what is alleged.
5. Explain why he did it.
6. Explain mitigating circumstances.
7. Seek to obtain a just sentence - the punishment fits the crime.
8. Seek to have the sentence modified in light of mitigating circumstances.
9. Tell the truth and do not seek to hide any important facts.
10. Operate above board with others.
11. Represent client to best of ability with honesty, intergrity, justice, and compassion as your guides.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Health Care Reform Double Cross

Obama should not have allowed a requirement for everyone to purchase health insurance or face a penalty. It is wrong to do this since no controls were put into place to make sure that everyone could easily afford the cost of health insurance. Actually, wasn't this the point of the healthcare reform in the first place. A major complaint was the skyrocketing costs; however, no controls were put into place to rein costs in and insure Americans will get coverage comparable to what congress members receive but at a low cost.

The health insurance companies are the true winners in the healthcare reform. Now all Americans are required to by health insurance at prevailing costs. Many changes are needed changes but this primary requirement forces us to purchase health care when all we wanted was affordable health care.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Role of Voting Polls

The role of voting polls is to gauge the predominant thinking about certain issues and politicians. Some times they are accurate. Other times they are wrong.

Do not permit any published poll to cause you to decide who or what you will support. Keep your reasons for your choices always at the forefront. If your facts or beliefs should change regarding that issue or person, then you will adjust accordingly. However, do not get trapped by the "mob mentality" or "group think". Do not allow your mind to be changed on the basis of how many support an issue. In times of change, many times the ones who are leading the change are in the minority simply because it is human nature to resist change. Always look past the numbers to the facts of the issue or the values and stance of the politician and let those be your guide.

Alabama Democratic Conference and Backwards Thinking

When Joe Reed, a leader in the Alabama Democratic Conference said America was more ready to vote for a white woman than a black man he was wrong! Obama won and Hilary supported him. His position demonstrated that he was out of touch with the wants of the people. If others had thought the same way he did - race based instead of issues based, then America would have taken a great step backwards. We need a leadership that is willing to set the example and lead the charge by making political decisions that are no longer race or sex based. Unfortunately, the Alabama Democratic Conference with the direction of it leadership, Joe Reed, could not rise above that challenge. Alabama needs a new breed of representation that is proactive and progressive when it comes to political decision making. One must practice what one preaches and not judge by skin color.