Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama Extended Unemployment Compensation

Yes, the offer of extended unemployment compensation has been in effect for some time now yet I wanted to record it here as well. Many complain that giving a helping hand encourages dependence. We have a system set up to determine who qualifies for such benefits and a procedure in place to track re-employment progress and whether continued compensation is warranted. The helping hand offered to the 1000s of unemployed is very much needed. The checks and balances for such a program lies with the agencies that administer it NOT the unemployed who receive it. It is backwards thinking to say, " I would extend you a helping hand but you might not use my help wisely so I will not help you at all." Obama rejects that type of thinking and relies on the administrative process in place to provide the checks and balances on such aide. If there are problems, then the administrative process needs to be modified not cut off aid.

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